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Our Products

Seedlings Baby Food is made fresh with local/regional ingredients that are sustainably farmed and raised without the use of GMO’s or rGBH. No added preservatives, no added salt, or sugar – just all the good stuff!

The food is cooked with methods to preserve the most nutrients such as pressure cooking and steaming. Vegan and gluten-free options available. Seedlings is produced and packaged within days of harvest. Seedlings can be enjoyed immediately, refrigerated or frozen. Responsibly packaged in recyclable glass jars. 

Stage 1

$4/Jar | Ages 4-7 months

Consistency is “yogurt-smooth” and made of 1 ingredient. A great introduction to solid foods. 

Stage 2

$6/Jar | Ages 7 – 9 months

Texture is “greek yogurt or mushy oatmeal” consistency. Contains 2-3 ingredients.   

Stage 3

$6/Jar | Ages 9 months – 1+ years

Texture is “chunky” with small bits of food. Contains 3 or more ingredients. 

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