Our Process

First, the basic process:
1. Review menu selections
2. Place order by WEDNESDAY at 8PM
3. Select pickup or delivery. Delivery day is Sun, Mon, or Tues depending on location. (If you have a special request/preference that would need to be typed into a message box on the ordering site)
The changes and details:
1. We are putting a pause on stage 3 foods for now, these are the most expensive to produce and sell the least so for now its on hold
2. We will be offering 2 different stage 1 foods/week
3. Minimum order will be 4 jars (this can be a single flavor, or combo of flavors/stages)
4. Delivery order minimum is $30
5. There is a $5 delivery fee
6. Product will still be available for sale at the 9ME location in the grab and go case, no minimum on those sales.
Both numbers 4 and 5 above are from 9ME end of things…the $30 delivery minimum doesn’t have to only be Seedlings. If the customer also wants to order 9ME food with their Seedlings delivery, that can bring them up to or above the $30. That being said, I may consider raising my prices in the future as well.