Small business owners have lots of dreams. For Seedlings Baby Food, LLC founder Dr. Jennifer Lefner (double certified pediatrician and neonatologist) it was literally a dream that brought Seedlings to life. She woke up one morning, turned to her husband (head of business development, John Lefner) and said,

“I had a dream last night and I want to do something about it. I want to figure out how to make nutritious, delicious baby food that is locally sourced. Real food that babies will like and I want local farms to be involved.” John offered to put Jennifer in touch with his friend and colleague, Gordon Sacks of 9 Miles East.

Gordon and John have known each other for several years, and over a Scotch Egg at the Henry Street Taproom or an Italian Mix from Roma, have shared their business dreams and ideas. John and Gordon collaborated to land the first pizza oven at 9 Miles East Farm that helped launch the wildly popular pies throughout the region and even flirted with converting a retro Airstream trailer into a mobile food service machine for 9 Miles East. On top of that, John and 9 Miles East’s Mary Sacks were colleagues at the Saratoga Independent School. The Lefners knew that 9 Miles East would be the perfect farm partner to get Seedlings up and out of the ground, as well as off of it.

With 9 Miles East’s talented team involved, Jennifer and John were confident that Seedlings Baby Food would nicely compliment their offerings. Seedlings and 9 Miles East share in the philosophy that people deserve high quality, healthy food that is convenient. Jennifer met with Gordon and quickly the relationship between the two brands strengthened. In late September 2020, Seedlings Baby Food hit the shelves at 9 Miles East’s Excelsior Avenue storefront. We hope it hits the shelves of your refrigerator soon.

Stop in and visit our friends Gordon and Mary, the team at 9 Miles East, and join us as we endeavor to serve you and your family. Thank you for helping us bring the farm to your baby.

All our best,

The Lefners

Seedlings Baby Food, LLC