Seedlings Baby Food makes farm-fresh food for infants

Jennifer Lefner’s passion for her patients extends beyond hospital quarters and examination rooms. As a neonatologist and chair of pediatric medicine at Saratoga Hospital, Lefner’s position allows her to interact with newborns and their parents in their earliest days to ensure they have what the babies need to thrive.

Why this Saratoga doctor started a baby food company

Unhappy with most of the baby food sold in stores, Dr. Jennifer Lefner had made her own with farmer’s market produce for her two children, now ages 11 and 13.

When Lefner heard stories years later of farmers having to dump produce during the pandemic, that sparked an idea for a startup she thought could help.

Seedlings Baby Food: Locally Sourced, Farm-Fresh Food for Babies Open for Business

Seedlings Baby Food – the brainchild of Saratoga Hospital’s Chief of Newborn Medicine and Chair of Pediatrics, Dr. Jennifer Lefner, has come to life in the form of locally sourced, farm-fresh, responsibly grown and prepared baby food. 

Local infant nutrition expert creates fresh baby food business

Area parents now have an easy option for feeding their babies fresh, local food through Seedlings, a new business created by infant nutrition expert Dr. Jennifer Lefner.

A double board-certified neonatologist and pediatrician, Lefner recently founded Seedlings Baby Food, the first company of its kind in the Capital Region.

Saratoga Couple Partners With 9 Miles East Farm to Create Seedlings Baby Food

A local couple has entered the baby food–making business, thanks to a memorable dream and subsequent partnership with 9 Miles East Farm.

Dr. Jennifer Lefner, chair of the department of pediatrics and chief of newborn medicine at Saratoga Hospital, and her husband, John, have launched Seedlings Baby Food, a company that produces farm-fresh baby food products, for a range of ages, on a weekly basis.

Dr. Jennifer Lefner: Committed to children's health and community

I’d like you to meet Dr. Jenn(ifer) Lefner. Double-certified neonatologist. Pediatrician. Mother. Board and committee member. Entrepreneur and founder of Seedlings Baby Food